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    Be Inspired to Make Service Great!

Dee Dee can inspire you and your team if your goals are: 
  • Highly engaged employees focused on customers
  • Service that builds loyalty and grows your business
  • A culture that attracts customers AND great employees!
Dee Dee’s 20+ years of service training and research provide a proven, practical pathway to transforming service into a marketing strategy.  Her approach is unique:  Dee Dee connects “what” we do to the universal “why” we’re in business: customers!  

Dee Dee also shows leaders how to inspire the type of service that builds customer loyalty. She works with leaders at all levels to develop specific strategies to build employee engagement and teamwork.  She guides leaders to develop the language and expectations that inspire high levels of performance.  And she helps leaders identify and model the values that create trust and build the culture that attracts customers and makes you an employer of choice.

Known for a fun, engaging, highly interactive style, great humor and real life examples,
Dee Dee’s service and leadership training have delivered solutions for companies like Raven Industries, Avera, Sanford, SDN Communications and associations across the Midwest. She’s an authentic, real speaker your employees need and audiences deserve!

"Dee Dee was very engaging and welcoming!"

"I like that she related everyday things to customer service.  She was very upbeat.  She took the time to meet everyone..which makes each person feel like they are really important. She added a good level of fun to a conversation we have had many times....a bit refreshing."

"I was impressed with Dee Dee's research on Avera culture and being able to associate her message to be meaningful to the group."

   Call Dee Dee at 605- 371-2299 today!